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Fresh Market Award 2019



§ 1. General Provisions 

  1. FRESH MARKET AWARD 2019 Contest (hereinafter referred to as Contest) is subject to the provisions of these regulations and the law. 
  2. The Contest takes place on and during FRESH MARKET CONFERENCE 2019 on 03 October 2019. 

§ 2. Organisers 

  1. The Organiser of the Contest is the portal represented by KJOW, Registered Office: ul. Marii 17/25, 05-803 Pruszków,, National Court Register 0000321131, hereinafter referred to as the Organiser. 
  2. The Organiser has the exclusive rights to interpret the provisions of the regulations herein. 

§ 3. Objective of the Contest 

  1. The objective of the Contest is to select those products and innovations of the Fruit, Vegetable and Flower Industry, which receive the most recognition amongst the users of and participants of the FRESH MARKET CONFERENCE 2019. The results of the Contest shall only reflect its participants' preferences. 

§ 4. Duration of the Contest 

  1. The Contest commences on 1st July 2018 and ends on 03 October 2018. 

§ 5. Entering the Contest 

  1. Names of products can be put forward for the Contest FRESH MARKET AWARD – PRODUCT OF THE YEAR only by the participants of the FRESH MARKET CONFERENCE 2019.
  2. A written confirmation of the participation (registration form) in the FRESH MARKET CONFERENCE 2018  is a pre-condition for entering the Contest. 
  3. In the event of resignation from the FRESH MARKET CONFERENCE , a product which had been previously put forward for the Contest loses its right to participate in the Contest, however it does not excuse from paying the full amount for participation in conference. 
  4. A product can be put forward for the Contest by Production and Distribution Companies and those offering services for the fruit, vegetable and flower sector. 
  5. New varieties of fruits, vegetables and flowers or those already known but presented in different packaging may be put forward. Packaging and technical equipment or services for the sector can also be put forward to the Contest. 
  6. A product, which is submitted to the Contest must be available on the European market during the year in which the Contest is held. 
  7. Companies submit their products by filling in the form available on 
  8. A product must be submitted to the Contest not earlier than 1st July and not later than 25th August. 
  9. One Company is allowed to submit one product. 
  10. The application should include: 
    • name of the product 
    • name of the company 
    • a short description of the product (max 1800 characters including spaces) 
    • a link to the web page with a more detailed description of the product 
    • one or more pictures of the product 
    • a short justification as to why the product deserves 'Fresh Market Award – Product of the Year 2018 ' 

§. 6 Registration fee

  1. Each company submitting a product is not obliged to pay a registration fee.  It is free of charge.

§. 7 Promotional Campaign 

  1. The Promotional Campaign includes: 
    • Full information about the product in Polish and English (max 1800 characters), including photographs and contact data, which shall be published  on (Candidates for the Fresh Market Award section)
    • A banner promoting the Award and the candidates on  
    • Information about products and companies running for the Award shall be promoted on the Fresh Market Conference's web page
    • Printing information and pictures of each product and company in the official Brochure 
    • Individual stand (place)  for products running for the Award during Fresh Market Conference 2018
    • Newsletters with information on products running for the Award sent to the users of the portal 
    • Mailings, with information on Fresh Market Award 2019 products running for the Award and its Winner, sent regularly to specialised magazines 

§. 8 Nomination of a Product for the Award 

  1. The Editorial Body shall select up to 10 products from amongst the submitted products nominated for the Fresh Market Award – Product of the Year 2019. 
  2. Regardless of due diligence the editorial body undertakes, the nominations will be subjective. No one can lay claims on submitting a product in the List of Nominees or show preferences for a certain product as a result of the Contest. 
  3. The Organiser of the Contest reserves the right to use the materials sent in publications, magazines and in the Internet portals. 

§ 9. Rules of Voting 

  1. Voting takes place on from  1st July until 20th September 2019  and during the Fresh Market Conference on 03 October 2019. Votes sent on after 10th September 2018 shall be null and void. 
  2. The list of nominated products shall be published from July on and  
  3. One participator can vote only once. A valid vote is considered as filling in the voting form on or during the Fresh Market Conference 2019 and selecting one product. 
  4. The product, which is ranked highest in voting on shall receive the Readers Award from the readers of The product ranked highest in voting during Fresh Market Conference 2018 shall receive Fresh Market Award – Product of the Year 2019. 

§ 10. Awards 

  1. The Winners of the Contest will be honoured with statuettes and diplomas during the ceremony held during Fresh Market Conference 2019. 
  2. The Winner, selected by the readers of the portal, will receive a Readers' Award and an advertising package worth PLN 1000. The Winner selected by the participants of the Fresh Market Conference 2019 shall receive the Fresh Market Award – Product of the Year 2019 and an advertising package worth PLN 3.000. 
  3. The companies will be granted rights to use the Logo Fresh Market Award – Product of the Year 2019 in their advertising materials and use the title Fresh Market Award – Product of the Year 2019 for the winning product. 
  4. The winning products will be described on and
  5. All relevant information will be published on 
  6. There will be prizes distributed by a draw amongst voting participants of the Contest. 
  7. The prizes will be distributed by a draw only amongst those who voted in accordance with provisons of these regulations, that is: 
    • evaluated one product 
    • gave their contact details and e-mail address  
  8. The Organiser shall inform each Winner by e-mail, sent to the address given upon filling in the voting form, immediately after selecting the winning companies, that the prize has been awarded and shall call upon to confirm readiness to receive the award. In the case that confirmation is not acknowledged – another Winner shall be selected. 
  9. In the case that the Winner shall not confirm his readiness to accept the Award or failure to collect it in a time limit agreed, the Organiser is released from the obligation of delivering the Award and any claims of the Winner as a result of participating in the contest are lost. 
  10. The Organiser reserves the right to publish the results of the Contest and a list of the Winners on and  

§ 11. Results of the Contest  

  1. The results of the Contest will be published on and 

§ 12. Final Provisions 

  1. Filling out the application for the Contest is considered as acceptance of provisions of these regulations. 
  2. This list of regulations is the only document regulating the principles of the Contest. 
  3. The Organiser is not responsible for the winner not receiving the prize due to unforeseen circumstances. 
  4. These regulations are published on 
  5. All correspondence and complaints related to the Contest should be directed to the Organiser at: KJOW, ul. Marii 17/25, 05-803 Pruszków. 
  6. Complaints will be examined by the Organiser within 14 days of the day the complaint was received. The results of the examination will be sent by post to the address given by the Participant. 
  7. The Organiser's decision regarding the complaint is final and definitive. 
  8. Awards are not subject to financial substitution. 


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