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The list of retail chains that have announced their participation at Fresh Market 2022 will be published from June

Ratail chains on Fresh Market 2019


One of the leading retail chains in the Republic of Belarus. Currently, it covers 39 retail outlets, including 13 grocery stores and 25 supermarkets. To support its own business, the company uses its own logistics center with an area of ​​10,111.4 sq m, located in the city of Smolevichy, in the Minsk region. It also has a fleet of its own delivery vehicles for the distribution of goods throughout the country. At the end of 2016, Unifood, the Belarusian owner of the ALMI chain, took over the franchise of the Dutch retail network SPAR International.



The first chain store was established in Bielsk Podlaski in 1995. In the following years successive branches were opened in the province. Podlasie. In 2007, the commercial activity of the network was extended to the province Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, and in 2018 to the Masovia Province. Currently, the Arhelan network has 85 stores in 48 cities. The Arhelan network is not only food supermarkets, but also stores with Alcohol of the World, offering tea in many sophisticated flavors, a large selection of coffees by weight and alcohol from various corners of the world.


BILLA Czech Republic is part of the REWE International AG group. It has been operating on the Czech market since 1990. The company's turnover is CZK 22.6 billion, 215 stores and 6,000 employees, making BILLA a market leader in the supermarket. With an average sales area of ​​900 m2, it offers a wide range of well-known products and own brands. Great emphasis is placed on fresh assortments such as delicatessen, cakes, fruit and vegetables, dairy products, meat and chilled products.


Carrefour started operating in Poland in 1997, opening its first hypermarket in Łódź. Currently, almost 900 stores in five formats operate in Poland under the Carrefour banner: 89 hypermarkets, 150 supermarkets, almost 600 local and specialist stores. Carrefour is the owner and manager of 45 shopping centers and arcades concentrated in large and medium-sized cities, logistics and transhipment centers as well as 43 gas station networks, as well as 5 central warehouses servicing the logistics network in Poland. Carrefour Polska is part of the Carrefour Group, which was founded in 1959 in Annecy, France. The company began international expansion in 1973, entering new markets. Carrefour is present in countries such as Spain, Italy, Belgium, Romania, Brazil, Argentina, China and Taiwan.


It is the fastest growing proximity supermarket chain in Poland. Currently, it has over 900 stores located mainly in smaller towns, small and medium cities and on the outskirts of large cities, in locations conveniently available to customers in the following provinces: Wielkopolskie, Dolnośląskie, Lubuskie, Opolskie, Łódzkie, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Śląskie, Mazowieckie, and Zachodniopomorskie , Świętokrzyskie, Małopolskie and Pomorskie.


GIPPO manages 17 hypermarket stores (9 stores) and supermarkets (8) located in Minsk, Homel Mogilev and Vitebsk and is constantly growing. Is the owner of the Belmarket chain, consisting of 68 hypermarkets in 13 cities of Belarus, as well as the "Momo" shopping center in Minsk. The basis of the range of stores are fresh, high-quality products.

Evroopt, owned by Evrotorg, is the largest retail chain in Belarus. The first store of this brand was created in 2005 in Minsk. Currently, the network has 930 stores, which accounts for 41% of the market share in this country. 10% of the Belarusian population is shopping every day in Evroopt stores. The buyers from this commercial network plan to establish commercial cooperation with suppliers of vegetables, plants and flowers.


It is a chain of grocery and industrial stores with the dominant Polish capital. It has been operating since 1994. The priorities of FRAC are quality, freshness and professional service. The offer of stores is to satisfy the most sophisticated needs of all consumers. The brand's supermarkets are located in the following provinces: Podkarpackie, Małopolskie, Mazowieckie and Śląskie. The first store was created in 1994 in Krosno at ul. Czajkowskiego.



Franchise chain of food supermarkets, operating within the Group of Musketeers - the largest European association of independent entrepreneurs. The Group also includes Bricomarché 'home and garden' supermarkets. There are over 230 stores all over Poland and new ones are being launched all the time, according to the specificity of the local market.


A chain of stores founded in 2001 in the Republic of Moldova. He is the promoter of modern trade in this country. It includes 90 supermarkets throughout Moldova. Manages a distribution center located in the capital of Chisinau. It plans to open 12 more branches by the end of the year. The network is looking for new suppliers of fresh fruit and vegetables.


The most modern, self-service wholesale catering and wholesale office supplies for entrepreneurs and business people. MAKRO is part of the METRO Group, one of the world's largest trading companies. Customers are offered the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices. The first Polish MAKRO hall was established in 1994 in Warsaw. Today, 29 branches operate throughout Poland.


Maxima Group, founded in 2007, is the largest Lithuanian company in the Baltic States, an international company operating in five countries. Maxima Group  is  the owner of  the retail chains Maxima ( in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia), T-Market (in Bulgaria) and of  the Barbora  e-grocery business operating in Lithuania and Latvia.  Also owns Franmax, which mainly provides  franchise and agency services. Maximais  the owner of the Polish Aldik, Sano and Stokrotka stores.  In 2019, the group plans to open a total of 120 to 140 new stores. Most of the new branches will start in Poland, although openings are also planned in the Baltic States and Bulgaria.


Polska Sieć Handlowa Nasz Sklep was established in 2000 as a response to the activities of large-scale foreign competition. It acts on behalf of 3,500 franchise stores under four brands: Our Store, Delikatesy Premium Nasz Sklep, Delikatesy Sezam and Express. It covers 12 provinces: Lubelskie, Małopolskie, Łódzkie, Podkarpackie, Wielkopolskie, Śląskie, Świętokrzyskie, Opolskie, Dolnośląskie, Mazowieckie, Pomorskie, and Zachodniopomorskie. Our store also has 45 own stores under the following labels: Nasz Sklep, Delikatesy Sezam, Delikatesy Premium and Livio. Most own stores operate in the Podkarpackie Voivodeship. The remaining ones are located in the following provinces: Lubelskie, Śląskie and Pomorskie. those in central and south-eastern Poland.


The first store of the chain was created in 1990 on the initiative of Eleonora Woś and her sons Piotr and Paweł at ul. Głogowska in Poznań. Currently, Piotr i Paweł is widely known in Poland, has a store in each province and is the only such a large Polish supermarket chain. The network currently has 138 branches. In 2016, it received the title of the Market of the Year in the category "Best offer of fresh products".


It is an organization of independent Retailers - Polish local chain. PGS was created on the initiative of the Warsaw Merchants and now brings together nearly 600 branches located in Mazowieckie, Podlaskie, Warmińsko-Mazurskie, Wielkopolska, Silesia, Kuyavian-Pomeranian, Pomeranian, Lodz, Lubelskie and Małopolskie.  Minute 8 is a grocery store chain. The chain has 72 branches and belongs to the Polish Supermarket Group which has been operating since 2002. Top Market, grocery chain, has existed in Poland since 2004. It has nearly 300 branches, located in 107 towns.


The Santa trade chain includes shops under the trademarks Santa, Fish & Fish and Santa & Cash.  In 2018, SANTA and Rublovski merged to form a retail chain called SANTA. Currently, the chain has over 156 supermarkets in Belarus. The main region of presence is the Brest region. The main activity of SP Santa Impex Brest LLC, established in 1993, is wholesale and retail trade as well as forwarding (road transport of goods, including international transport).



The only large international retail network present in Belarus. By 2020, SPAR promises to open 60 stores in Minsk, Grodno, Gomel, Brest and other cities.


It is a world-renowned supermarket chain based in the Netherlands.  The first store in Kaliningrad opened in 2014, after which the chain began to develop actively in the region. Now the stores are represented in SPAR, EUROSPAR, INTERSPAR and SPAR Gourmet formats. The network of SPAR-Kaliningrad includes more than 40 shops and continues to grow. In supermarkets the goods of the best local suppliers and eminent European manufacturers are presented. These are foodstuffs, beverages, household goods, products of own production.


It  is the Polish supermarket chain and food and industry markets. It is part of the Emperia Capital Group, which is co-ordinated by Emperia Holding S.A. based in Warsaw (Maxima Group). The company was founded in 1994 in Lublin. The first retail outlet of this chain started its operation in 1996. In terms of number of stores, Stokrotka is one of the largest retail chains in Poland. Today it owns more than 500 stores in Poland.

Tavria-V (UKRAINE)

Tavria-V is one of the most popular retail chains in Ukraine. The company has over 90 supermarkets and hypermarkets in its possession. Every day, over one million people visit shopping facilities belonging to Tavria-V. During the Fresh Market 2019, representatives of the retail network are planning to establish commercial cooperation with suppliers of fruit and vegetables .


The first chain store was established in 2003 in Dnipra, Ukraine. Currently, retail chain Varus includes 65 supermarkets in 13 Ukrainian cities, including Dniepra, Kiev, Zaporozhye. The co-owner of the Varus company is also the owner of the "Olvia" corporation, dealing, among agrobiznesem - growing greenhouse vegetables and selling them under the "Taste of Summer" brand.


IT was founded in 1995 and today it occupies a leading position in the retail trade of the Republic of Belarus. The VITALUR retail chain includes 50 shops of various formats, 45 located in Minsk. During the year, it is planned to open 4 more stores. The company cooperates directly with suppliers from Spain, Netherlands, Norway, UK, Russia, Iceland, Finland, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, China, Turkey, Egypt, as well South America and Asia. The car park includes 46 trucks: 22 refrigerators and 24 isotherms. Moreover, we make international cargo transportation to Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Russia, Finland.


Żabka is a chain of small and comfortable stores, responding to the needs of millions of customers every day. Through 21 years of presence on the Polish market, the company has established itself as the leader of the modern convenience segment. The idea of ​​the network is closeness and convenience to customers who have over 5.7 thousand branches can do quick shopping, take advantage of the rich package of services or eat a quick hot snack in the Żabka Café gastronomic corner.

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