We were born in 1983 from a few hectares of land, already worked with great commitment by Daniele Brunelli, the founder of the group and current president of the consortium (which today brings together the best farms in Emilia Romagna and the entire country). Since then we have been growing fruits and vegetables that we market and distribute to our customers directly, because we have chosen to have responsibility for our work throughout the entire production process up to delivery. We could say that we are a fruit and vegetable wholesaler but that would be partly true. We could say we are a consortium of farms but even that would be true only in part. We could say that we deliver fruits and vegetables to GDO, HoreCa and Retail but again we would not be complete. In fact, our business includes cultivation, processing and marketing-including delivery-of fresh and semi-processed fruits and vegetables. From its beginnings to the present day, the cultivated area has reached 1,000 hectares and the company has become a group made up of realities with the same vocation for quality close also to the values to which they have chosen to imprint their production.