TOMA SEEDS Tomasz MarasikKraj: Poland

TOMA SEEDS Tomasz Marasik

TOMA SEEDS was established on 02.02.2000 as a one-person representative office in Poland of a Dutch seed company. From the beginning of its activity, it specialized in greenhouse vegetable seeds.
Currently, they offer a wide range of modern, professional varieties of greenhouse and outdoor vegetables that can be successfully grown in Poland. Thanks to a network of friendly farms, every year they test dozens of new varieties in order to select for the Polish market those few most suitable from the point of view of market needs, the vegetable growing technology used in Poland and especially climatic conditions.
In addition, for several years they have been running a department dealing with the support of plant growth and development - they conduct a number of studies in this area with the use of microbiological agents in commodity vegetable production. Their desire is also to provide all the necessary assistance to our customers, recipients of vegetable seeds. They work closely with research centers and analytical laboratories, basing their knowledge of plant cultivation not only on scientific publications, but above all on practical horticultural knowledge.
For several years they have been cooperating throughout Poland with a network of professional seed stores where you can get acquainted with the company's offer and seek professional advice. In September 2015, they opened an online store with a wide selection of vegetable seeds.