Fresh Market Award

Submitting a product to the Product of the Year 2022 award is an opportunity for long-distance promotions and, above all, to arouse interest in the product among buyers from retail chains, fruit, vegetable and flower producers and distributors.

Fresh Market Award


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Who can submit a product to the contest?

  • Every Fresh Market 2022 participant

Benefits of submit:

  • 1/4 page advertise in printed Fresh Market Guide Catalog 2023/2024 worth 390 EUR
  • Publication of information about product and company on websites:


  • Banner promoting candidates on website
  • Product promotional position at the B2B Meeting
  • E-mailing about the product sent to B2B Meeting participants
  • E-mailing  about the product sent to the fruit, veg and flower industry news media
  • Beautiful bronze statuette for the winner of the Competition


The cost of submitting the product:

  • 390 EUR for one product.

How do I submit my product to the competition?

To register for a product, register first. Fill in the application form on the website and send it to

Which products can I submit for the competition?

The candidate product may be fresh or processed fruit, vegetables; flowers as a new variety or known on the market but offered in new releases; packaging; technical equipment or services for the industry. 

What is the confirmation of a product application?

After filling in the application form, within 10 working days you will receive a reply from the organizer about product qualification to the Competition.

By when should I send my application?

The competition runs from 1 June to 22 September 2022. The deadline for the notification of products is 19 August 2022. The earlier you report your product, the greater the chance of promoting the product. 


Do you know?



 The title ‘Fresh Market Award 2019’ went to the company HAZERA POLAND, which was distinguished for its premium class raspberry lyanna tomato ROSAMUNDA characterized by an exceptional coeur du boeuf taste and recommended for a trade production in greenhouses. Its taste also brings to mind the tomatoes eaten ‘back in the days; it was also praised for its intense gloss and deep structure.



The title of the Fresh Market Award - Product of the Year 2018 has received the innovative formula Knox ™ extending the freshness of lettuce, delaying after picking the staining of the leaves to the color pink. It lowers the cost of storage, as it allows it to be stored in packages with an undiminished amount of oxygen. It also allows you to compose new salad mixtures. Used for varieties such as: Roman, Batawska, Crispy, Butter, Salanova®, Crispy and Salanova® Butter.



The statuette and the title of the Fresh Market Award - Product of the Year 2017 were obtained by fresh Goji berries, characterized by an extremely high content of vitamin C and anti-cancer activity, which are delivered directly from the Moldavian plantations by DILAR.


The Fresh Market Award - Product of the Year 2016 went 100% natural juice "Royal Apple Apple in a can". It is a pure, 100% cold pressed apple juice from carefully selected fruit varieties. Importantly, the product is not diluted with water or sweetened with sugar. The juice is subjected to a gentle pasteurisation process. Thanks to it, it acquires durability, at the same time without losing exceptional taste and valuable vitamins. What's more, it is the first apple juice marketed in a PET can with an aluminum lid. Excellent taste and aesthetic and functional packaging make Natural Juice 100%. "Royal Apple Apple in a can" is an innovative product that sets trends in the industry.



The "Papryka Palermo" by Rick Zwaan won the Fresh Market Award for Product of the Year 2015. Currently, the variety is present in the commercial offer of most retail chains. 



The Fresh Market Award for Product of the Year 2014 was awarded to Soreli kiwis, produced by Frutti Felici. Yellow kiwis still enjoy the palates of many Poles. 


The title of the Fresh Market Award - Product of the Year 2013 for the most innovative product in the fruit and vegetable industry received fresh carrot juice from Victoria Cymes.


The title of the Fresh Market Award - Product of the Year 2012 was given to the sliced ​​mushroom Hajduk Grupa Mushroom Producers.




The Fresh Market Award for Product of the Year 2011 and the readers' award went to the tomato, a variety of' Tomimaru Muchoo', submitted by Monsanto. Since 2011, raspberry tomatoes have been on the shelves of all retail chains in Poland. The conference proved to be a breakthrough moment. 

Need more information?

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