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Grupa Producentów Ziemniaków Kartofelek Sp. z o.o.Kraj: Poland

Grupa Producentów Ziemniaków Kartofelek Sp. z o.o.

We are a Lower Silesia producer group engaged in the cultivation, production, as well as processing of agricultural crops. Thanks to many years of experience, we have varieties of our vegetables, such as: potatoes, beets, onions, carrots. We offer vegetables peeled or skinned, whole, as well as cut, such as quarters and fries. Vegetables can be raw or cooked. We have our own warehouse facilities near Wroclaw and a production line for pasteurization and Vacuum Vacuum packaging. The modern production line we have at our facility is used to properly prepare products before packaging. Potatoes, as well as other vegetables, are carefully selected, washed and cleaned (both by machine and by hand), then undergo a process of pasteurization, that is, preservation through the use of appropriately selected heating of food products, so as to destroy or inhibit the growth of pathogenic microorganisms or enzymes while preserving the taste of the products and avoiding a reduction in their nutritional value.