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Interfrukt s.r.o.Kraj: Czech Republic

Interfrukt s.r.o.

INTERFRUKT has been importing into the Central European region since 1993 fresh fruits and vegetables from Turkey, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania. The company is divided into commercial (INTERFRUKT s.r.o. Czech Republic) and developing divisions (KOVOTREID - Macedonia, TERMSTROY - Bulgaria and ANATOLIA FRUIT - Turkey). Products: lemons, oranges, grapefruit, tangerines, white grapes ( sultanas ), leeks, peppers, cucumbers (snake, French ), watermelons, red peppers, early and late cabbage, tomatoes and plums. Logistics: goods are delivered in refrigerated trucks to the customer with delivery times from loading from Turkey 5 days, from Bulgaria 2 days, from Macedonia and Albania 3 days.