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Fresh Market Award 2022

§ 1 General provisions

1.1.  The Competition "FRESH MARKET AWARD - PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2022 - hereinafter referred to as the "Competition", is subject to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions and generally applicable laws.

1.2.  The Competition is conducted on the website and during Fresh Market 2022 on 22 September 2022.

§ 2 Organiser

2.1The Organiser of the Competition is KJOW, with its registered office at ul.Marii 17/25, 05-803 Pruszków, registered in the National Court Register under number KRS 0000321131, hereinafter referred to as the "Organiser".

2.2  The Organizer has the exclusive right to interpret these Regulations.

§ 3 Purpose of the Competition

3.1.  The aim of the Competition is to select products and innovations in the fruit, vegetable and flower industry which will find the greatest recognition among the readers of the portal and the participants of the Fresh Market 2022 Conference. The results of the Competition will reflect the preferences of its participants only.

§ 4 Duration of the Competition

4.1.  The Competition runs from 01 July 2022 to 22 September 2022.

§ 5 Product entry

5.1.   Products for the "Fresh Market Award - Product of the Year 2022" Competition can only be submitted by Fresh Market participants. The product for the competition must be submitted by 19.08.2022.

5.2.   To submit a product for the Competition, the Company  which submits the product must first complete the registration form confirming its participation in Fresh Market 2022 and pay the relevant fees.

5.3.   In the event of cancellation of participation in the Contest, the product submitted to the Contest by the resigning participant loses the right to participate in the Contest, which does not exempt the applicant from the total participation fee for Fresh Market 2022.

5.4.   Products may be entered into the Competition by production companies, distribution companies and companies offering services to the fruit, vegetable and flower industry.

5.5    Candidate products can be fruit and vegetables as new varieties or those known on the market but proposed in new iterations; packaging, technical equipment or services for the industry.

5.6.   The product submitted to the Competition must be present on the European market in the calendar year in question.

5.7.   Companies submit products by completing the entry form available at

5.8.   The product must be submitted to the Competition between 1 June and 22 August.

5.9.   The submission form should include:

-   the name of the product,

-   the name of the company,

-   a short description of the product (1800 characters including spaces),

-   a link to a website where a more extensive description of the product can be found,

-   one or more photos,

-   a short justification as to why the product deserves the "Fresh Market Award - Product of the Year 2022". 

§ 6 Product registration fee

6.1.   The registration of a product for the competition is payable at a cost of EUR 390 for one product.

§ 7. Promotional campaign

7.1.   The promotional campaign includes:

-   Full information about the product and the company in Polish and English (up to 1800 characters), together with photographs and contact details, published on (Fresh Market Award candidates section)

-   A banner promoting the award and the candidates displayed on 

-   Information about candidate products and companies will be promoted on the Fresh Market 2022 website

-   Printed information and images of each product and company in the Fresh Market 2022 Folder

-   Individual promotional stand during Fresh Market 2022 where all candidate products will be displayed

-   Newsletters sent to website users with information on candidate products

-   Mailings sent regularly to editors of the trade press with information about the Fresh Market Award 2022 and the candidate products, as well as the winner at the end of the competition

-   1/4 page advertisement in the Fresh Market Guide 2023/24 catalogue (publication January 2023) with a value of EUR 390 prepared by the applicant.

§ 8 Nomination of a product for an award

8.1.   From the submitted products, the editorial board will select up to 10 products nominated for the Fresh Market Award - Product of the Year 2022.

8.2.   Regardless of the care taken by the editors, the nominations will - necessarily - be subjective. No one can lay claim to the inclusion of products on the Nomination List, or to the range of product preferences shown as a result of the Competition.

8.3.   The Competition organizer reserves the right to use the submitted materials in publications, magazines and web portals.

§ 9 Rules of voting

9.1   Votes for nominated products can be cast on the website from 01 July to 16 September 2022 and during Fresh Market on 22 September 2022. Votes cast on after the deadline of 16 September 2022 will be invalid.

9.2.   The list of nominated products will be published from July on and

9.3.   A participant can cast only one vote. Casting a valid vote is understood to mean completing the voting form on and during Fresh Market 2022 and selecting one product.

9.4.   Casting a valid vote means filling in the voting form on and during Fresh Market 2022 and selecting one product.

9.5  The product which gains the highest rating in the voting on will receive the  Readers' Award. The product that wins the vote at the Fresh Market 2022 Conference will be awarded the Fresh Market Award - Product of the Year 2022. 

9.6   All submitted products which did not win the competition will be awarded a diploma with the inscription "To recognition award [name of company] for the presentation of [name of product]"

§ 10 Prizes

The winners of the Competition will be honored with statuettes and diplomas at a Gala ceremony held during Fresh Market 2022.

The winner selected by the readers of will receive the Fresh Market Readers' Award and an advertising package in the Fresh Market website/Catalog worth EUR 300. The winner selected by the participants of the Fresh Market 2022 Conference will be awarded the Fresh Market Award - Product of the Year 2022 and an advertising package in the Fresh Market websitel/Catalog to the value of EUR 600.

Companies will be entitled to use the logo "Fresh Market Award - Product of the Year 2022" in their marketing materials and to use the title "Fresh Market Award - Product of the Year 2022" in relation to the winning product.

The winning products will be described at and

All necessary information will be published on

Prizes will be drawn among the participants of the Competition who take part in the voting.

The prizes will only be drawn among those who have voted in accordance with these regulations, meaning that:

-   have rated one product,

-   have provided their address and e-mail address.

Immediately after selecting the prize-winning participants, the organizer shall notify each prize-winner by email - sending information to the email address provided when filling in the voting form - that they have won a prize, calling on them to confirm their willingness to take the prize. If certification is not received, another prize winner will be selected.

Failure on the part of the prizewinner to complete an act of diligence understood as certification of his/her readiness to claim the prize, as well as failure to collect the prize within the agreed timeframe, releases the Organiser from the obligation to hand over the prize, and the prizewinner's claim to participate in the Competition thus lapses.

The Organizer reserves the right to publish the results of the Competition and the list of awarded persons on the websites and

§ 11 Results of the Competition

11.1.   The results of the Competition will be announced on and

§ 12 Final Provisions

Entering the Competition is tantamount to acceptance of these Rules.

These Regulations are the only document defining the rules of conducting the action.

The Organizer shall not be responsible for the inability to collect the prize for reasons attributable to the winner.

The content of these regulations can be found on the organizer's website:

Complaints and correspondence concerning matters related to the Contest should be addressed to the Organisers at: KJOW, ul.Marii 17/25, 05-803 Pruszków.

The complaint will be considered by the Organizer within 14 days of receiving notification of the outcome by mail, to the address provided by the Participant.

The decision of the Competition Organizers on the complaint is binding and final.

Prizes shall not be exchanged for their monetary equivalent.